Previous Updates (Archive)

22nd May 2001 - Shirow Sensei's book schedules for June 2001 (Japan) updated at the News section.

11th May 2001 - Release date for Koukaku Kidoutai 2: Manmachine Interface by Kodansha in Japan is now officially 28th June 2001. Other details: A5 format, 304 pages, and Price is 1500 Yen (sorry no ISBN available yet). As always, check the BBS for any updates, discussion, comments etc.

23rd April 2001 - Hello everyone! Sorry for the draught in updates, as some of you might know already I'm taking time off to concentrate for my final exams. But once I finish, I have LOTS and LOTS to do here, so bear with me, and wish me luck! Fan Art Gallery #3 is up today, and I think there was a minor News Update last week or so. In the meantime, watch out for GITS 2 Standard Edition due in May (so far no status change at Kodansha's) and drop by the BBS where I check in often to catch up. I will post any news (GITS2 etc) there for the time being instead of here at the main page. The BBS is there for a reason, so please use it. OK! Time to hit the books~~

18th March 2001 - Fan Art Gallery #2 is updated with entries and the winner. Congratulations! Response for this second contest is not as good as the first one, but thanks anyway to all who submitted their artworks. You guys / gals are super! ^_^ I'm going to give this another try- Contest #3 will run from 18th March to 18th April, and this time- a non-Shirow prize, Kenichi Sonoda's Gunsmith Cats TPB: Goldie Vs Misty. Rally and Minnie May need no introduction to the manga-loving public, and here's your chance to win a copy. Click on the Contest link for a preview of the prize. Well, I'm expecting your fan arts, so get your drawing kits out now!

14th March 2001 - Sorry I have been super busy!! >_< But minor updates has been going on around the mshp: FAQs updated to Ver1.1 with modifications to some previously unknown answers; News on MMI, Appleseed Hypernote and the new Alpha figures; and Lucas' Collection Photos updated with the recent pictures from here in England. Also- 10 artworks, 1 winner. The 2nd Shirow Fan Art Contest has ended and I will work to have the gallery ready and winner announced by this weekend. Thanks again to all who participated!

3rd March 2001- News Update! New Alpha GITS 2 figures in the works!

28th February 2001- News on GITS 2: MMI English Edition from Studio Proteus! And some other things about GITS. Check it. Also, the Shirow Fan Forum / BBS has moved to a new home (again), but this one is very cool. All links to the new BBS has been updated, so drop by sometime. And fan arts are beginning to come in for the 2nd contest! Many thanks to the contributors, and there's still time! ^_^

14th February 2001- Fan Art Contest #1 has ended! But continue submitting! Contest #2 starts today until 14th March 01'. Check the contest page later for the prize. ^_^ I'll take my time with the fan art gallery + contest. All the entries were superb and I'm having a very tough time picking the winners! Hence, results will be out after the weekend, and I will work to get the gallery updated as soon as I can. The fan arts were amazing! All of you MUST have a look~ For today, a News update, and I've archived the old news to keep the page manageable. Also, the Calendars page updated as I recently got my Appleseed 88' (*_*). Its been a while since I did any item reviews, so here's one- Fuchikoma Papercraft Book! To all the couples out there, Happy Valentine's, and incidentally- any takers for a single guy with a large Shirow collection? ^_^ (That was shamelessly lame, Lucas! ^_^)

2nd February 2001- Ok, the Fan Art Gallery page is now up with what I have so far. Current response in terms of numbers... is not looking good *~* But there's still about 2 weeks to go, and Valeria is longing for a loving owner!

1st February 2001- The next update was meant to be the Contest Fan Art Gallery, but a really important and significant piece of News which couldn't wait was announced, so this goes up first! (Hint... Be prepared for Motoko!) Fan arts etc. will be up in a few days.

23rd January 2001- Added the Shirow / MSHP FAQs- which is pretty much self-explanatory- to the main menu line-up. And the usual News, but this one's extra nice! ^_^

13th January 2001- Term starts next week, so I'm really busy (and will stay that way for a long time!). So, apologies if I can't update as regularly as I should. News update for today. And! I've decided that we should have a Shirow art gallery- but I'd like all you fans to be the contributors! To make things more attractive (bribery attempt?!? ^_^) I'm doing it as a Fan Art Contest, with a prize for the best entry. I'll be looking at the response to this first contest (14th Jan - 14th Feb), so whether I continue this or not in future depends on all of you! ^_^ So, come on! Let's draw Shirow fan arts!

8th January 2001- Version 1.0 of the Ghost Solid Box review is done and up! Also made a little page detailing the long wait for the Box. Also a bit of News. The Manmachine Interface review will take some time. Its not easy to do... and there's also Neuro Hard, and some other pages in progress... and term is starting soon! Busy!! >_<

28th Dec. 2000- I've been spending the last week totally re-vamping my personal website. Its now done and although not entirely Shirow-related, here it is: The Hyperpage. I've also done a Guestbook, which I'll share with the MSHP. For today, "An Analysis Of The Angel Star 2001 Calendar" and Seishinsha has moved to a new URL for the new year! More at the News page. Its going to be a lot of work updating my links! And of course, finally, the Ghost Solid Box is now out and kicking in Japan. Still waiting for the post offices to open! >_<

Lucas' Hyperpage

17th Dec. 2000- My copy of Angel Star 2001 is finally here! Hence the Shirow Calendars page is now updated. Pretty amazing piece, this one, but much of the fun was spoiled by the fact that nine out of the thirteen illustrations are Gum covers which I've already seen. There are minor differences though, and I might make a little commentary page about that. If I have the time that is...

30th Nov. 2000 - It was Shirow Sensei's birthday on the 23rd! A little tribute message about Sensei Shirow for this update. Yeah, I know I'm a bit late, too much work over the last few days. Well, I suggest to mark the occassion, let's all take a Shirow book or manga off the shelves and spend some time with it today. I'm off with my Dominion Conflict now, so enjoy yours too! ^_^

23rd Nov.2000 - A strange bit of News from Kodansha Japan that could possibly lead to something big and exciting!

Gemcat August / Griffon

18th Nov. 2000- Firstly, duplicated the Shirow Fan Center links at where as some of you might have noticed, hosts most of my CGI stuffs including the polls etc. Just whipping up something fast for the page, so please excuse the inferior Seska fan-art. Also uploaded an item at the News page, though not really very significant.

11th Nov. 2000- I have been meaning to get this up on my birthday a few days ago, but time got in the way. Anyhow, after many many years of searching, a dream has come true! Neuro Hard: Episode Reviews - the introduction page is now up and ready! I still need to work on the actual episode reviews though, but the intro itself is already pretty complicated. Stay tuned for more to come. Neuro means a lot to me personally and I'm totally in love with this elusive Shirow work. So I consider this is a big and important update. On the side, in case you're wondering, this month's (Dec / No.12) Comic Gum is finally not featuring a Shirow cover. And Angel Star 2001 is now out on sale in Japanese Bookstores.

31st Oct. 2000- Poll Results and Summary for the month of October are up. 25th Oct. 2000- Those really popular 'commercially-painted' Shirow Statues are out to deprive you of your money again! Dark Horse released one, and in response Toycom released another one right after! I worry about this kind of competition over some really heavy-priced merchandise. I just hope Shirow Sensei gets a good deal from all this! See today's News update.

21st Oct. 2000- A little piece of Shirow 'News' for today. Also brushed up slightly the cosmetics of this index page. Spent the whole night (its 7am now!) painstakingly putting together a new Motoko Kusanagi + Fuchikoma image for this updates section. I think the overall feel of the picture is very symbolic of the elements in Shirow's works. She's HOT, this Red-haired Motoko... and I think I'm in love!!! ^_^ Its worth the hard work!

20th Oct. 2000- The latest addition to the Shirow Fans Center is up- The Shirow Fan Directory. Please sign up and get listed ne? ^_^ I'm working on some pages, it might take a while to complete but expect updates to come.

Gemcat August / Griffon

7th Oct. 2000- A positive announcement by Kodansha regarding the Solid Box release! Check News Section. Other than that, updated my Personal Collection section with more Photos from my humble Shirow collection as well as an updated Collection List. Will look into those CGIs when I have spare time. Hope all of you found the Fans Center useful and interesting. ^_^ And yes, I'm now back in England again.

29th Sept. 2000- The Appleseed Section rears its head at the MSHP. Still incomplete, but that's about the best I can do for this time. Hope there is at least something useful, and is an indication of the style and type of coverage I'd give to Shirow's Appleseed series. Its back to England again! See you all in a week or two's time...

25th Sept. 2000- Re-organized this main page and introduced a whole new interactive section for Shirow fans. Still working on it though, but do try them out. Other than that, I've completely renewed my Shirow's Art section - a whole new and lengthy page with plenty of info. Those who are curious about Sensei Shirow's art techniques and tools, do take a look. Also updated the status of the Solid Box in the GITS sections where it is mentioned, and added some info about Chinese Editions of GITS at the Book Info section. Black Magic Books & Products updated with two new items. Will try and do another update in a few days' time.

15th Sept. 2000- Updated the links page and I'm highly recommending that those who can understand Japanese go visit H.Yamaguchi's Koukaku Kidoutai page. Its what every Shirow fan page should aspire to be! Info, News, BBS, Chat, Vote, etc... practically everything an online Shirow fan needs is there.

12th Sept. 2000- Check the News section. 11th Sept 2000- Well have I been busy lately! But sadly not on Shirow-related activities (many grumbles >_<)... Anyhow, some News uploaded for today. And I have a bad feeling the Appleseed pages will not be 100% before my summer break is up! I'll try and do as much as I can. Gomen-ne!

Gemcat August / Griffon

12th Aug 2000- Forgot today's date? Then you need to get something that you'll look at every day without fail for next year. Check out the News entry. So what to play this time while waiting for the now infamous Ghost Solid Box? Hanagumi Taisen 2 Columns! Yep. Play that and vent your frustrations with groovy Street Fighter III 3rd Strike.

2nd Aug 2000- Same type of News as the previous one, but this one's a bit more special. And that's all. Getting bored? Buy a Sega Dreamcast and get into Jet Set Radio. That will keep you happily occupied for a long time! ^_^ Currently I'm working on some html stuffs in my limited free time (Hmmm...) for the MSHP. Won't be done so soon, but when they are ready it will be a massive update.

13th Jul 2000- Some little News this time. That's all. Back to work on Appleseed etc. and still no word on the Solid Box...

5th Jul 2000- I'm back and the highlight of this update is again- GITS 2 News! Status Update #3 this time. Want to know what exactly is the Dominion Club? The review is done. Also up are the GITS: The Movie page and a summary of the Taimakan Akagamikyouya Novel at the misc. section. And the message board moved again (all links have been updated). MSHP: Shirow Fan Forum. Convenient URL ne? ^_^ Sorry for not updating frequently. I've been busy and those Appleseed pages are really tough to do! Want to know what I'm up to and what I'm working on, check the Messages / Freetalk page, where I hope to update at least once every 2 weeks.

12th Jun 2000- Rushed update... for now all I can upload is some interesting News and the Appleseed SNES game at the Misc. Section. I have about 3 more pages currently in the works and they are roughly about halfway done each. Theoretically I should have the time to work on stuff now, but in reality I'm busy like hell preparing to go home for the summer and also busy enjoying life without stress ^_^. Anyway, with GITS2 a pain until sometime in October (for me), next big update should be Appleseed. Watch for other updates in the meantime as well... Oh, and a reminder that the Message Board has moved to a new address.

Gemcat August / Griffon

24th May 2000- GITS 2 status update pt2. The silence is finally broken! News. 18th May 2000- I promised no more updates this month, but I guess this is important. GITS 2 MMI Japan status update. Aren't you freaked out when things are this quiet near the May release date? Steady yourself and keep a clear, calm mind. Ready? News.

3rd May 2000- Short News uploaded today. 28th April- Black Magic article in the latest Manga Max magazine! And it's a good one! Check out News. Its probably better to have this collected in some sort of 'Magazine Covers and Articles' section but I'm not really prepared to do that yet (why is a long story)... I have some little items to update, but they are not ready. In the meantime, the 'new version' Shirow Webring have been re-launched. Take a look. That's all this time.

The MS Webring

20th April- This is the 'Role Playing Game Edition' Update, as there is full section on Cosmo Engineering RPGs, general info and Shirow's contributions. I've been meaning to complete this last century, but it didn't happen. I've had a great (and painful) time researching this, so have a look. Also, some Cosmo-E related News. On the side, uploaded a page on the B-Club Briareos-H Resin Kit, a classic item. I'm tired...

15th April- Working on some updates despite the lack of time. No news for now, but its getting really near the latest deadline for the Solid Box release... A nonsense little 'calendar of events' is at my Messages page, April 15th entry. (Yeah I know... I really have nothing better to do!) Hopefully there will be a useful update soon.

26th March 2000- The MSHP goes red with hot Shirow-babe Slusha! Check the News for a new Playstation game for Gundress. Also made a review page for it at the slightly re-organized Other Works section (I really should update this section soon). Side note: I'll be away from the week after next for a short trip to Italy, but rest-assured. I'll be back with something interesting to report! Why is that? Here's a Hint. That's all for now.

Gemcat August / Griffon

18th March 2000- As usual, Shirow News for this update, and details about the Golden Turtle Press 2001 Shirow calendar. Info can be found through the news page or the other works page under the link GTP 2001 Calendar. Also, on a more personal side, I made a little page about my manga experiences while on a trip to Paris, France recently. The entry can be found here for the time being, but I'll make a proper section for it soon.

27th Feb. 2000- Still reeling from the aftershocks of the Manmachine Interface delay... However, the life of a Shirow fan must go on! (Nonsense!) This time I bring you more cool, exciting Shirow News to keep spirits high! Enough for now...

21st Feb. 2000- Bad news regarding the status of GITS 2. Check the news section. SIGH... I shouldn't have been so optimistic! How dissapointing!

7th Feb. 2000- Although this is not a GITS2 update (aren't you excited?!? ^_^ Its coming soon!), it is somewhat important cos' the Orion Section is finally up! I have some more stuff in store for the next update, so more to come later! In the meantime, do check the Shirow's News page for an extra cool fan work from the past decade...

15th Jan. 2000- Gundress OST CD infos at the Gundress page. Fixed up a few links, and that's about all. No other updates this time. I think I missed this- Happy New 2000 to everyone. Have a great year ahead.

Gemcat August / Griffon

17th Dec. 1999- A new entrance picture, an advertisement for the Ghost Solid Box. Big news! Manmachine Interface Preview in Kodansha's Young Magazine! Check the Shirow News section or the GITS 2 page for details. Very interesting! Also up is an 'Odd Bin' section at the Paranodrome. Just some fun, weird stuff over there. In the meantime, I'll be working on the Orion page, unless something new crops up. That's all for this update!

5th Dec. 1999- Lots of updates! Firstly some interesting Shirow News. Also uploaded are the Intron Depot D1 page, GITS ALPHA figures and Cospa T-Shirts in Other Works section, and last but not least the Black Magic PC Game for Windows95. The Christmas break is coming soon! Expect more updates, and I'll try my best to get the unfinished Appleseed, Dominion, Orion and GITS pages done. No promises though!

27th Nov. 1999- Intron Depot D2 CD-Rom page uploaded under the Intron Depot section. This should be up yesterday, but... Oh well... A little preview of what I plan for next updates: Black Magic Win95 PC game, Shirow Art Graphic T-Shirts and I really really need to work on the GITS and Orion pages soon. Time...!

18th Nov. 1999- My Shirow Millenium Calendar is here!!! Its great to see Shirow's Sci-Fi stuff again! Infos about the Calendar in the Other Works - Calendars section. Also added new entrance pic, and a new pic for this page. I have a soft spot for girls with BIG weapons! ^_^ Looking at Millenium, I have a good feeling that the next Intron Depot would be real special. Many thanks to Stefan!

Gemcat August / Griffon

14th Nov. 1999- Ghost In The Shell page back online! Its just a modified version from the old Hyperpage, but watch out for infos on the new stuff soon. And the Hyperpage is teaming up with Stefan99's Character Gallery to make your life happier!

10th Nov. 1999- Lucas' personal Masamune Shirow collection section is up. Nothing new there, just some photos and a listing of what I have. If you're curious, take a look, otherwise just browse the other sections. ^_^

7th Nov. 1999- Little 'update'. New entrance pic (Valeria File 2 Illust.), Horned Owl PSX and Valeria File pages added at the Other Works page (with new pic too). Shirow Message Board up and running! (Whether anyone uses it or not is another issue...)

31st Oct. 1999- News about the status of Ghost In The Shell 2: Manmachine Interface. For once everything seems to be on schedule! See Shirow's News section. Sorry for the long silence. Things have been... uhmm.. busy.