Senjutsu Chou Koukaku Orion

The Yamato People's Empire, a dark storm is brewing... The practice of psycho-science is competing with religious magics. In an ambitious attempt to rid the galaxy of all the negative karma by means of psycho-science, the malevolent nine-headed Naga is awakening. Will it be cleansing and salvation or will it be mass destruction?
Wild and arrogant, the God of Destruction, Susano was summoned in an attempt to defeat the nine-headed Naga threat. However the possesed, bratty sorceress Seska is determined to fail Susano.
A unique, humorous, different type of Shirow manga; where myths, technology and magics are thrown together in a world not too different from our own- Shirow's Orion.

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Kushinata Hime
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