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Title Images: Exon Depot Shimban, Copyrights: Shirow, Seishinsha.

13th October 2001 - Ghost In The Card from Epoch!

Motoko Ver.2
Promo Card #1

Can you believe this? I can... because its Shirow, and because its Ghost in The Shell! Although we've already had 3 illustration series cards, this set is special for a few reasons. Firstly because previous card collections never included GITS material, and also the GITS movie trading cards are - to sum up in one word - pathetic. With the quality of Shirow's art for MMI, I am pretty excited and keen about this one. These two card samples you see here are supposed to be promo cards specially for each box of 20 packs (maybe just for 'net mail orders thorugh Mint Web).

Motoko Ver.1
Promo Card #2
Box pack
Ghost In The Shell
Original Illustration Collection Card

-Shirow Masamune Card Series 4-
One pack (8 cards) - 350
One box (20 packs) - 7,000
119 cards total- 99 regular cards (consist of story, characters and 9-pc puzzle), 18 special cards, 2 autographed cards.
Cards uses illust. from GITS1 and MMI.
Mixed ratios, and random cards in packs.
Scheduled for Nov. 9th 2001 release!
Much thanks to DW for the really early lead, even before announcement on Seishinsha Online! ^_^ Two thumbs up!

GUN DANCING is on the 'Net!

Much to be happy about! ^_^Undoubtedly one of Shirow Sensei's most elusive works, Gun Dancing actually made an appearance online! As part of Kodansha's E-manga Special for the September 01' issue, Gun Dancing is divided into 2 parts for the viewing pleasure of Japanese subscribers to the service. Although a special feature for September, it seems that Gun Dancing has been further extended to the October 01 issue. Access fee is 500 for one month.
In brief, Gun Dancing is about a police officer who lost a close friend to terrorists in Pretoria (or some Russian country?) and with his overseas partner mounts a hunt for the people responsible. A tale of revenge and payback that turned out pretty nasty. Maybe I would do a review on this series sometime in future. But strictly for the pure Shirow enthusiast, a back-to-basics terrorist-cop story without the thrills of futuristic machines or attractive ladies.
Kodansha E-manga (note that signing-up for e-manga service is not so straightforward requiring you to provide a Japanese address and to use Biglobe's service, and also there is an English version of E-manga at CDJapan which so far did not translate Gun Dancing for the English monthly).

E-manga special

Gun Dancing's first appearance since its Young Magazine 1990 debut thanks to Kodansha's E-manga. Shirow's signatures are all over this short story!

And Other Notes...

Shirow's Heroic 2002 Calendar (yes Seishinsha corrected the spelling ^_^) is expected to be on sale this month (October 2001). Coming up are the three Alpha MMI Motoko figures, also due for this month. The calendar should be safe as Seshinsha's track record for releases is reliable. Alpha figures I'm not too sure, but they should be on schedule. And finally a side note that the McFarlane Toys Manga Series Motoko Kusanagi is out for sale... and it is an appalling piece of plastic! >.< Who on earth came up with that design/mould?!? I refuse to get one... its an insult to GITS! (Well, Ok, the movie isn't all that great, so maybe its justified)

12th August 2001 - Shirow Masamune 2002 Calendar: Bring it on!

Its the end of the year, and true to 'tradition', Seishinsha Japan brings us the year 2002 Shirow Calendar that no one in the right frame of mind would dream writing their schedules on (unless you buy multiple copies of course!). The catchy title for next year is an ambigous "Hiroic" and the nearest I could get to something that makes sense is "Heroic". Wonder how would Dark Horse approach this (mis)-spelling issue for the US release (Again just an anticipation on my part- no word of US versions from Dark Horse yet). Scheduled for October 2001 release. The image on the right will be the cover illust. Is in the finishing-touch stages at Seishinsha. No ISBN available yet, but I will update once I get the number.

Pea-hen chick? ^_^
Flashy Fan Girl for 2002!

Manmachine Interface Alpha Figures Update: Two names for the figures confirmed- Motoko Aramaki White Dress and Fire Wall, with the third still undecided. Scheduled to ship this October/November at SRP $17 to $20. Other things to note are that the only variant planned for this series (at the moment) is an exclusive Chrome Variant MA "Fire Wall" for Suncoast Video (??? This company sells Shirow stuff? Huh?) and the four 'bonus figures' in the form of Motoko's little onion-headed mecha-slaves. Thanks in heaps to Jeff at Figures.Com for the excellent coverage on the MMI figures.

The MMI Figures Range
The Three MMI Figures from Alpha Shipping in Oct/Nov '01
I ran out of superlatives to describe this
Shocking Super Beautiful "Fire Wall" Motoko Aramaki Resin Statue from Alpha. My heart melts...

1st July 2001 - News for the past month ( sorry for the delay~ )

Right On Schedule!

Manmachine Interface! Now in Japanese Bookstores!

Koukaku Kidoutai 2: Manmachine Interface
And so it is out! 28th June 2001, Manmachine Interface Standard Version hit the stores in Japan. A5 size, 304 pages (200 in colour), Dimensions 210148mm, ISBN4-06-334441-X, 1500 (Recommended). Oh, and did I mention the delicious mousepad? You know you want this! Order a copy at your nearest Kinokuniya or some online place- now!!

MMI Mousepad, Free with Tankubon

And The Shirow Fairs just keep on comin' - The clear file offer in Seishinsha's May 01' Shirow Fair is so popular that in response, the publisher has launched Fair #2, this time, on offer is a random B3-size poster from a choice of three. Condition is the spending of a total of 2000 or more on a single online purchase from the Seishinsha website. Offer runs from 1st - 31st July 2001.

Shirow Fair #2 Posters
Appleseed, Trinea, Appleseed - B3 posters selection for Shirow Fair #2

Franken Shirow Fair Every party involved with marketing / distributing / publishing Shirow's works are riding on the Koukaku 2 wave at the moment. Not to be left out, Franken Comix Entertainment (a superb website) launches their very own Super Shirow Fair. Running from 18th June to 28th Sept. 2001, Franken's fair offers a massive selection- practically the whole range of Shirow goodies currently available in Japan, from the Cyberdelics Box to the GITS movie DVD, to the Osaka Character Festival Telecard. The highlight is, of course Koukaku 2 Manmachine Interface Standard Version. And also on offer are digital galleries (buy via e-parcel), which is usually what Franken does, with a very nice selection of pictures. To round it off, there are also a selection of really impressive gifts for lucky feedback submitters, the ultimate being the set of signed Shirow items in Contest #3 to come in future. You just gotta love this online store!

Seishinsha Japan released a "bunko-type" Appleseed 1, which I think is just a paperback softcover edition, something like thos Japanese novels you see in libraries. Nothing new except for a new introduction by Shirow and a "new" cover design. Books 2 through 4 to follow. Price: 552

22nd May 2001 - Shirow Masamune Book (Japan) Updates for June 2001

Kodansha Japan through Young Magazine has announced this month that Shirow's Koukaku Kidoutai 2: Manmachine Interface release date is officially 28th June 2001. Other details: A5 format, 304 pages, and Price is 1500 Yen (sorry no ISBN available yet). We wait with high hopes, and all those who owns the Solid Box need no convincing (desperate in fact) to get this for the "complete" story.

But that's not all! Good news for Appleseed fans! Seishinsha had just announced an upgraded version of the Appleseed Databook ready for sale in June 2001. Re-organized and re-titled as Appleseed Illustration & Databook, this will feature a new cover, AND *check this out* and 36 pages of color illustration gallery + 16 page mono illustrations! Now how about that eh? ^_^ 48 pages of Chapter 26: Called Game remains, but the Appleseed Encyclopedia (currently in the Japanese edition, not in the English ed.) is taken out. Wowsers. Seishinsha is doing a lot of good lately, minna-san daaaisukiii!! ^o^
Book Details: Appleseed Illustration & Databook - Shirow Masamune
Publisher Seishinsha Japan, ISBN4-87892-219-2 C0079
A5 size, 980 Yen, release scheduled for June 2001

Double-Shirow goodness in June, this shurely must be paradise! I'll be getting both books, and you should too. ^_^

16th Apr. 2001 - The Shirow Masamune Season is On!

Well, in Japan that is. This just up at Seishinsha Online a couple of days ago. In conjunction with the release of Koukaku 2 Manmachine Interface in Japan, Seishinsha will be renewing the Shirow covers of their titles (as has happened with Apple Hypernotes- see 14th Mar. 01 news update). Whether this implies that the entire range of Seishinsha published Shirows will have new covers or just Hypernotes remains to be seen. I think it will be the entire range, as Seishinsha (like me) expects a huge jump in demand for old Shirow works from the masses of new fans enlightened by MMI and a re-print is necessary. Dark Horse has been doing this cover renewal for some time too, for Dominion and Orion so far. So, Seishinsha announces the 2001 Shirow Masamune fair. For 01 - 31st May 2001, the offerings- not-for-sale clear folders with monochrome prints of Shirow's illustrations as shown in the picture. The deal - Available to online customers only through Seishinsha online's bookshop. Purchases must be Shirow related goods and up to 3000 yen excluding tax. For 3000+ Yen, customers get one folder from the selection, and 4500+ Yen, you get two. The folder allocations are random, so there is no choice of what you get. The 'pattern' of the clear folders are not specified yet and is subject to change. Also note with the new cover design, prices of goods will change accordingly to account for the extra cost and therefore the list in Seishinsha's Library is outdated etc. etc. More caution and rules, but really unless you can do it from Japan, there's no way to get this. ^o^

Uhmmm... I like the Deunan-only piece!! Wow, this is some news! Seishinsha showing some attractive marketing strategy here! Cool! Support them, they deserve the reward for giving Shirow Sensei his big break and putting up with his erratic work habits and schedule these 10+ years. As an overseas fan, again I feel so left out and hanging out to dry... but hey, life's a bitch ne? ^_^

Alpha's GITS2 3rd Figure Update

Alpha Figure #3
Alpha No.3 - "P-Unit" Motoko

Bit of an old news now, but just to complete the package- a 3rd Alpha GITS2 figure was revealed at the Tokyo 2001 Toyfair. The 'P-Unit' Motoko joins the line-up, and so looks like more bad news for wallets of Shirow fans everywhere. The pose looks somewhat recycled off White Out, but overall I suppose the figures look like a cool set. No release date or price yet that I know of... (I suspect Alpha's holding back to allow GITS2: Standard Edition manga to hit the shelves first. Otherwise it would be weird (and maybe violating licensing agreements with Kodansha) to have a toy even before the 'original' GITS2 is out!)
Again, big thanks to Jag & Jeff. Check out for the latest news and happenings in the action figure world.

23rd Mar. 2001 - Koukaku 2 Cover Watch

This is exactly what the subject implies. Just a new cover design for Koukaku 2 as posted at Young Magazine's 'fixed' Koukaku 2 information page. Nothing has been updated there, apart from this new cover design, which as we can see (refer 1st Feb. 2001 News entry) is just some kinda 'fleshing out' of the grey metallic-ish background from the first cover. How much longer do I have to dream and wait!?! Gimme those 32 extra pages now! Hurry up, Shirow Sensei !! Ah, the sweet agonizing pleasure of waiting for Shirow's works...

Ghost In The Shell 2: Manmachine Interface Standard Version Tankubon. Publisher: Kodansha Japan. Release Date: May 2001. A5 format. Price: N/A (To be determined). Work in progress. Subject to changes.

P/s: On a side-note, for those of you who are wondering- this month's (March 2001) Gum Comics is a non-Shirow cover.

Manmachine Interface
- Standard Version -

New Cover Design
Koukaku 2: Manmachine Interface
Standard Version
:: Coming May 2001 ::

14th Mar. 2001 - Alpha/Toycom's Aramaki Motoko Revealed!

Aramaki Motoko
Alpha Aramaki Motoko

"White Dress" version joins the "Black Suit" version in Alpha / Toycom's new GITS 2 action figure line-up coming this Spring has updated with the revelation of Alpha's second figure to accompany the 'F4 Decoy Unit' (3rd March 2001 News entry referred), keeping with the tradition of double-Motoko / black-white line. The 'White Dress' version is Aramaki Motoko, the main 'host' that controls all other Motoko decoys in MMI. Instead of nasty guns and weapons, she comes with a clipboard as an accessory (huh?). Since we last saw the F4 "Black Suit" unit, it is now known that the "turtle shell" mask is removable. Accompanying her this time are those strange little onion headed VR-creatures (far right pic. above, and just one little creature per figure (maybe?)).

At present, the price has yet to be announced (it will be very soon) and the figures set is expected to be ready for shipping this Spring. Will update as soon as I get the details. What's more amazing... the standard version MMI manga is not even published yet in Japan! Will the average manga fan recognise the new Motoko??

Many thanks to Jeff for the news and images (courtesy of Toycom). Visit for the latest in the toys and action figures.

14th Mar. 2001 - Double Shirow Goodness! Updates on two of Sensei Shirow's most popular titles!

  • MMI 'Standard' Schedule Update from Kodansha
  • 'New' Appleseed Hypernote from Seishinsha!

    Two important updates from two of Shirow's main publishers this week. Young Mag (Kodansha) finally broke some news about MMI Standard Version's status. Hmmm. A one month delay unfortunately! Now the expected release / sale date is mid-May 2001 (somehow this situation is uncomfortably familiar). Other info provided is that the page count is now planned at 304, an addition of 32 pages from the GSB Short Cut Version. And colour pages total up to 204. Work is progressing at Young Mag h/p to update the Koukaku 2 page, and they expect to announce the price of the MMI tankubon soon. Will keep everyone posted on developments. Shirow Sensei- hayaku kudasai!! ^_^

    In another (unrelated) development over at Seishinsha, the 'second edition' Appleseed Hypernote is now available. No changes in contents are expected (subject to confirmation once I manage to source out a copy!) but Shirow has rendered a new cover for the collection. Eh? And I thought Shirow Sensei was not happy with the publication of this book? Something's not very right here. Anyhow, I'm a big supporter of Seishinsha, and hopes this is a prelude for bigger titles to come! (or maybe they just really need a new Shirow book to ride on the GITS2 success wave?)| Comic Gaia Ban Appleseed Shoushuuhen Shirow Masamune Hypernote - Published by Seishinsha - A5 format - ISBN4-87892-085-8 C0079 - Price: 860 Yen - New cover! - Release: March 2001.

  • MMI top / Apple Hypernote New Cover bottom
    MMI vs Appleseed Hypernote
    Images (c) Kodansha / Seishinsha

    3rd Mar. 2001 - Coming Soon: Stunning Manmachine Interface 'Motoko' Figure from Alpha / Toycom!

    The full figure pose
    Image Credit: Jeff Saylor

    The GITS2: Manmachine Interface fever is spreading like wildfire! According to the Toyfair 2001 report (sourced from, post by Jeff Saylor), Alpha (w/ Toycom in the US) is currently working on their latest GITS Figure- this time from Manmachine Interface. As we can see from the pictures, the figure is based on the 'F4 Decoy Unit' utilised by Motoko in MMI Chapter 03 after Clarice hacked into the Control Room manager(?). I've included a little thumbnail of the F4 from the manga for comparison in the picture on the right. The prototype figure looks GOOD doesn't it? ^_^ Heaps and heaps better than the McFarlane Toys version of the 'old' movie Motoko ne? Details are very sketchy at the moment apart from this little preview, and will follow up once more details emerge (release date, price, etc). Many thanks again to Jag for the wake-up call! ^_^

    Top: Manga version, Bottom: Figure version
    Figure Image: Jeff Saylor

    28th Feb. 2001- Manmachine Interface "Foreign Version" and Other Updates from Studio Proteus

    Latest (Shirow-only) Manga Newswatch update (18th February 2001) from Studio Proteus' ever busy Mr. Toren Smith...

  • MM Interface Foreign Version
  • GITS 2 The (Mamoru Oshii) Movie
  • GITS TV Series (Say what??)

    Well, seems like something's starting (i.e. a plan is in place). Which is not very optimistic, but good anyhow.

  • At LEAST 18 months needed I say! ^_^
    I Think The Translation Unit Needs a Battery Recharge...
    Image Edit by Lucas for MSHP, Copyrights Shirow / Kodansha

    Straight to the point: Manmachine Interface "Foreign Version" - Solution was reached with Sensei Shirow, which is for Shirow to flip and modify the pages (whole book is in digital files, so no problem) until he is satisfied with the end results, and leave the sound effects and English-isation to the SP people. Well, that answers one of my questions when I first saw MMI... which is that there is no possible way for SP to start flipping and re-doing the dialog boxes without destroying the book... Also, regarding the "naughty" scenes (very!) in MMI, the agreed plan is for Dark Horse to offer 2 versions- the Shirow 'standard' version which is altered tame, and the XXX limited version available through the adult Previews supplement. So, ranking in order of 'naughtiness' is English Standard - Japanese Edition - English XXX Edition (more graphic than its Japanese counterpart!). Scheduling, Toren expects production to start latest end of this year, and translation can only begin when Shirow starts handing in those files. Lucas thinks its gonna take about 1 to 1-1/2 years before we see MMI in a comprehensible language! ^_^ (There I go again!) Patience people! GITS 2 The Movie Mamoru Oshii has agreed to direct it again (well, I'll give it another chance out of curiosity!) and a GITS TV Series has already started work at Production I.G. Now this one I'm very keen to have a look at (i.e. very high expectations!)... all from Toren at Studio Proteus, so check out SP Online Manga Newswatch for the full deal. I'm a mere messenger with no 'proof' to supply for any of this (yet), and I'm not cool enough to meet Shirow Sensei personally to ask how things are going. ^_^ Thanks for the news alert Briareos!

    13th Feb. 2001

    Uhm... nature calling? ^_^
    Poster-pose Motoko
    Image Copyright McFarlane Toys

    McFarlane Toys Presents... Motoko Kusanagi !?! Well well, looks like it finally happened! McFarlane Toys, undoubtedly one of the most cutting-edge and most collected toy / action figure company finally made a Ghost In The Shell figure. Part of the "McFarlane's 3D Animation From Japan" Series 2 line-up is this GITS-movie Motoko Kusanagi, in a pose and style we are all familiar with (but she looks 'damaged'? What the...!). Other notable figures are Naomi Armitage (from Armitage III) and a bunch of... guys... Forget the guys! All you need is Naomi and Motoko! ^_^ And of course complement the ladies with Vash the Stampede from Series 1. Release schedule is stated as September 2001, so do check out their website for the catalogue, details and updates. Price is currently unknown, but I expect it to be quite high (naturally not as high as those crazy statues!!). Caution though. The promo pictures for McFarlane action figures always look about 10 times better than the end-user product. Anyhow, who cares? Its Major Kusanagi! ^_^ - Thanks a bunch to Jag for the News Beep!

    May I Serve You, Sir?... Yes, Give Me This, That, Those... Gums...

    In the search for the perfect-cute Shirow sweet girl, this one is a very strong contender! However much of the excitement of seeing a 'new' picture was taken away by the fact that this is the September-girl for the Angel Star 2001 Calendar. No matter. Its still a Shirow cover! The minor differences, well, the garbled symbol on the head-piece is now restored to its legible 'Gum' label and her twin sister in the background removed. I don't know about the rest of you, but personally I quite enjoy seeing Shirow's uniform girls... we have nurses, traffic police, astronauts, various barmaids, waitresses... pretty cool. Again, strictly for those die-hard Shirow fans who can't get a decent night's sleep unless they get all the 'new' Shirow-related products in hand. ^_^

    On sale in Japanese bookstores February 2001, 620 Yen.

    Gum No.3 2001
    Cover, Comic Gum, 03 (Mar.) 2001

    1st Feb. 2001 - BIG News from Kodansha Japan !

    Manmachine Interface
    - Standard Version -

    Your wildest dreams come true! ^_^
    Koukaku 2: Manmachine Interface
    Standard Version
    :: Coming This April 2001 ::

    Will it be as expensive as an Intron Depot book? I don't mind! ^_^

    Ghost In The Shell 2: Manmachine Interface Standard Version Tankubon.
    ::: Expected Release in April 2001 (Japan) :::

    Wait~ wait! Don't pack up that nice dinner suit yet! After the rather... uhm... excessively expensive first date with Motoko, she has agreed to another one! Her agency Young Magazine / Kodansha has scheduled April 2001 for the next one- and this time its affordable! ^_^ The Young Editorial staff is optimistic about this new release date, and mentioned that progress on Shirow Sensei's part is 'satisfactory' at the moment. But why, you ask, are they still working on this? The answer is up to 20 (yes that's 20!) new extra pages, for what is called the 'Standard Version' Manmachine Interface tankubon (The Solid Box edition is the 'Short Cut Version'). This one will go on the shelves in Japanese bookstores available to the general manga-loving public. This time, Kodansha is very conscious about the dates after that nasty affair with the Box, and cautioned fans to stay tuned for an update sometime mid-February on the status of Shirow Sensei's progress. So there you go! The complete, real Manmachine Interface, as Shirow meant it to be - No Box, no nonsense! Coming your way SOON!! ^_^ I'll keep everyone updated on this. For the moment just admire and be stunned by the fabulous looking cover for the new MMI! (and dear me... have our Motoko grown more lovely over the years!) And remember to gather back your senses afterwards. ^_^

    Ghost In The Shell 2: Manmachine Interface Standard Version Tankubon. Publisher: Kodansha Japan. Release Date: April 2001. A5 format. Price: N/A (To be determined).

    And Did Anyone Attend the Osaka Character Festival 2001?

    If you did, lucky you! I was packing my bags ready to fly off to Osaka this time when it suddenly dawned upon me (again!) that the event was over for about a month already, and a flight to Tokyo still costs a bloody 460... damn! >_<. Anyhow, there has been a lot of Shirow telecards around lately (mainly from Gum) but some are extra special, like this '2001 New Century Koukaku 2 Chara-telecard', available at the Osaka Character Festival. This event was held on 13th Jan. 2001, and being the home-base of Shirow's main publisher Seishinsha this lovely Shirow telecard is almost compulsory. Other telecards in the same series includes Love Hina and Devil Lady(?) (That I know of, there are probably lots more). Again, as far as I know, getting this one will be on luck and lots of cash. I'm not sure if Kodansha carries this in stock, or if it is a special offer only. Sometimes, life just isn't kind!! >_< (But I'm getting pretty used to this anyhow!)

    Shiny Shiny Motoko!
    2001 New Century GITS2 Teleca

    23rd Jan. 2001

    And Just When We Thought Those Gums Are Getting a Bit Old...

    Shirow Sensei is a bit late with his Gums this month due to the New Year and all in Japan, but when the latest offering is finally out... Goodness me. This is the coolest Shirow girl I've seen since... well, there are lots of cool girls in MMI but as far as Comic Gum goes, this is definitely, easily the best cover yet! I like this typical Shirow girl's pose and the general balance of the picture. It reminds me of some of the best pieces from Shirow's past illustrations. Well, I won't comment much anymore on this, I was speechless the first time I saw it, and still is. I hope this piece is not going to be exploited like some of the other nice recent Shirow pieces to a point that it loses its appeal due to over-exposure. That would be a shame, because this one is really special.

    On sale in Japanese bookstores January 2001, 620 Yen.

    Gum No.2 2001
    Cover, Comic Gum, 02 (Feb.) 2001

    13th Jan. 2001- Update On Epoch's New 2001 Shirow Illust. Card Series

    Epoch 2001 Cards
    New Epoch 2001 Card series

    This was sourced from Seishinsha's. And I think we see new pictures! As predicted, some of them were taken from the Gum Comics stuff, but there are some pieces which I've never seen before in the little preview pic. provided. And it was mentioned in the update that "full co-operation from Seishinsha to bring the newest, unpublished before Shirow pictures". So that's cool!

    Count: Regular Cards - 108pcs. Special Cards Type A - 81pcs. Special B - 9pcs 1:7 ratio. Special C - 9pcs 1:21 ratio. Special Extra B (variation of B series) - 9pcs 1:40 ratio.

    Price: 350 Yen per pack, 7000 Yen per Box. !!! That's a LOT of collecting to do...

    Clarification of ikodansha's 'Kiyara Maga' (23rd Nov. 00' News Referred) - The 'Kiyara Maga' thing is confirmed as a wall paper service for the i-mode phones in Japan. For the benefit of those not familiar, i-mode is Japanese communications company NTT DoCoMo's internet access cellular phones service. It can even display coloured GIF pictures (must be in GIF format). Very cool stuff. MSHP in i-mode? *Grins* Lucas is seriously thinking about it. But how to test?? Hmmm... Kiyara = Character and Maga = Magazine. Many thanks to Shigeki Kamada for clarifying.

    8th Jan. 2001 - Epoch Announces Shirow 2001 Illustration Card Series

    From Seishinsha Online's Shirow Official, Epoch's new set of Shirow illustration cards will be out for sale in Japan within the first 10 days of this month. So far no previews yet as to what will be the illustrations used for the cards or if there's any new Shirow pictures. I'll keep this updated if I find out more. What is this? Annual calendars, yearly card series, monthly Comic Gums... if only there's a Shirow manga running monthly, or for that matter yearly, would be good enough!

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