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Title Images: Exon Depot Shimban, Copyrights: Shirow, Seishinsha.

17th Dec. 1999

Koukaku Kidoutai (Ghost In The Shell) 2 Update! Kodansha's Weekly Young Magazine issue 2000 1/1 (6th Dec. 1999) contains a Special 12 page full color preview booklet of the highly anticipated Koukaku 2! Click on the link for more details. Also a first peek at the Ghost Solid Box.

5th Dec. 1999

O.Ma.Ka.Se! (Sorry to keep you waiting!)

Sensei Shirow is back with a new, stunning issue of Comic Gum! The January 2000 (#1) Comic Gum features a Shirow cover and a double-sided pin-up (25.5 x 44 cm). The design is credited to Mr Hiroshi Nakahara [Grandhead] so I guess Shirow is only handling the illustrations.
Maybe its a good time to start a Comic Gum subscription? Shirow seems to be doing a lot of work comissions and illustrations for Wani Books (Gum publisher). Expect to see a significant amount of 'Gum Illustrations' in the next Intron Depot collection!

On sale in Japanese bookstores December 99, 620 Yen.

Gum No.1 2000
Cover, Comic Gum, 1 (Jan) 2000

Illustrations 99
Shirow Illustration Cards 99
Shirow Masamune Illustration Cards '99

Those who have come across the previous Shirow Epoch trading cards would not want to miss this new set! Just recently on sale in Japan, there are a total of 114 cards:
Intron Depot 2 (27), Puzzle (9), Illustrations (54), Rough Sketch (9), Tacotyu (6), Special (9). 350 Yen per 8 card pack.

They are really high quality and as you can see from the small preview on the left, we have new pictures! The one on the left is tagged as 'Otoko Magazine' and the other one is not labelled. Goodness... I really wonder if she's a new Dominion chick... I'd dump the Puma sisters for her! ^_^ Lucas is curious! Expect a cards section soon on the Hyperpage.

Short note: For those who are interested, Otaku Publishing are taking advanced orders for the Limited Edition Ghost Solid Box. Priced at US$139.95. More details at their website,

31st Oct. 1999 - Finally... something solid about the status of Manmachine Interface!

From Studio Proteus October 99 Manga Newswatch. Shirow has submitted the first of the 2-volume GITS2: Manmachine Interface to publisher Kodansha- this one with 14 new full-color pages.
Release schedule: "The Ghost Solid Box" Limited Edition Boxed Set, February 2000 at 13,333 Yen (These people are MAD!!! Oh yeah, I forgot. This is 'Mighty' Kodansha we're talking about. See Studio Proteus website for Box details). Regular softcover manga release on the next month. English edition- first volume scheduled for summer 2000.

*SIGH* Kodansha, Kodansha... WHY are you doing this?

Motoko Kusanagi
GITS2 New Color Page Preview

22nd Sept. 1999

Click above!
Oh dear!!! NEW Masamune Shirow Manga Series in the Summer of 2000?!?
Click the thumbnail on the left to find out more! This is GREAT news! I'm really excited...

The Intron Depot D2 CD-Rom: Blades

Date of release was at end of August 1999, and is selling for 5800 Yen per set (of 2 CD-Roms) at all major Japanese bookstores. Collecting the ID2 pictures in high-quality digital format.

Details are real sketchy at the moment but what I understand from Seishinsha's page, there's a Windows/Macintosh Hybrid CD-Rom which requires Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator to work. The file format could be in jpeg but I think it should be in bmp format for the 'normal' Roms? More when I get my copy...

ID D2 Cover
ID D2 Cover

Angel T-shirt
The 'Angel' T-Shirt
Masamune Shirow Art-Graphic T-Shirts in BulisterPack

(I'm sure they meant Blister Pack! But I can't see the commercial sense in this title). By Cospa Inc. it was due for release in Japan August 1999, and is already on sale now. For the price of 3900 Yens each, there are four choices of T-Shirts. Red (Intron Depot), light blue (Angel), Beige (Appleseed) and Navy (Sleeping Fairy). The first three shirts have the pictures in front and a Shirow Logo (the one I used for the Hyperpage Titlebar) at the back. The Navy shirt has the picture at the back instead. Comes in 2 sizes only, M and XL. More details later when I do a page for this at the Other Works section.

4th July 1999
Dominion Calendar 99
Franken's Dominion 99 Ad.

Another great offer from the folks at Franken. From the 1st July 1999, there will be a Masamune Shirow Illustrations Rally, 2 sets of pictures (1800x1200, 1024x768, 800x600) are available each month for purchase at 315 Yens per set. You can print it out as a poster to decorate your room, or iron print it on your T-shirt. This is a limited-time offer each month, so you better grab 'em quick. For July, ID2 illustrations 2049 & 2064 are on sale.
Also- great news for those who missed out on The Dominion 1997 Calendar. The pictures are available as Desktop Calendars from Franken, where the date has been set to 1999. Available in 6-month sets at 315 Yens each.
Hey, if you can't get the real thing, why not go digital? Visit the website for more details...

10th May 1999

Sampaguita CD-Rom Cover n' Clock
CD-ROM Cover (Left) and PC Clock (Right)
Yet another Sampaguita product! The Sampaguita Windows95/98 CD-ROM. Release date set at 21st May 1999 and will cost 3800 Yen. Produced by Production I.G., code IGPC-0003. Contents of the CD-ROM includes screensavers, screen clock, wav files, movie clips, startup screens, game storyboards, desktop calendars, picture viewer and scenario files.
The screen-grabs are Japanese, so I am not sure if it works on English Windows. If you are a BIG fan of this game, get it and decorate your PC with Maria Santos! ^_^ Otherwise, let's wait for GITS 2: Manmachine Interface... *Note: Shirow did character designs for Sampaguita.

4th May 1999

Dominion Tank Police RPG Game. Guardians of Order and Central Park Media announced recently that a Dominion Tank Police RPG game is scheduled for release. Based on the four part 1989 anime (the first Dominion series- not Crusher Police Dominion), The Dominion Tank Police Role-Playing Game and Resource Book will be written by staff author, David L. Pulver, and release date is set at July 1999.
The Dominion RPG will be a stand alone game, using Guardian of Order's Tri-Stat system. The system uses three stats to define a character's basic composition- Body (all things physical), Mind (all things mental) and Soul (willpower and luck). Each stat is rated from 1 (weakest) to 12 (strongest). 3 other values are derived from the stats- Combat Value (Attack and Defense), Health Points (if it hits 0 you're dead!) and Energy Points (inner reserves of a character).
I haven't played any RPGs in a long time, so is in no position to talk about this further. However Shirow is definitely NOT directly involved as this project is based on the English version of the anime released through Central Park Media. And yes- its in English in case you are still wondering.
*Feeling quite uncomfortable at the prospect of role-playing the notorious n' sexy Puma Sisters... ^_^

27th April 1999
Franken's Adverts

Ever come across the site called 'Franken' at Recently featured as one of Seishinsha pages' links, they currently offer Shirow's Rebirth 99' Calendar for sale- in digital form. The pictures are modified to serve as Desktop Calendars, and sent to the purchaser via e-parcel online. The package for each month includes a 1024 x 768, 800 x 600, and a 1024 x 768 unclipped picture. They are perfectly beautiful... Available for 315 Yens per 6-month package, which in my opinion, is a reasonable price.

There are also some free samples downloadable from the site, but you will need to register with Franken, and download the e-parcel software. The files are quite huge, around 3MB per package. The purchase can be done online with your Credit Card. Visit their monster site for more details (Its in Japanese but watch for the link labelled 'English'). So, go ahead and Shirow-ize your PC with the last Shirow calendar before the millenium!

These guys are doing a great job! Will definitely add their link to the Hyper-Links page soon. Franken Web Site.

5th April 1999
Making Of GITS Game Video
Making Of GITS Game LD

A new Yaru Dora book, titled the Yaru Dora 'Final'(?) Box, which contains illustration designs and other materials from the 4 games in the series, including the Shirow-designed Sampaguita is due to be published 20th April 1999. It is quite costly- 3200 Yen- and it is still unclear how much of Shirow's illustrations will be in the book, or if there's any extra material besides those in the Sampaguita PSX Guidebook.

Might be worth it cos' from what I heard, the illustrations from another Yaru Dora game, Double Cast is actually very good. Double Cast is said to be even more popular than Sampaguita in the Playstation gaming world, and in terms of soundtrack music.

Yaru Dora Box

25th April 1998 saw the release of the Making of Game: Ghost In The Shell video. Sorry folks! Japanese only. Produced by Production I.G. & Kodansha Video it is 30 minutes and costs 2000 Yen. The LD version of the Making of GITS Game was released 25th May 1998, at 3000 Yen and 40 minutes. Must be good with all the digital animation techniques discussion, and we all know the game has excellent story animations as well as upbeat soundtracks. Maybe worth forking out the huge money this time? And the covers look tempting no? The top image on the left is the Video jacket and the bottom image the LD jacket... Very nice!

14th April 99: Ooops! Apologies for my mistake. The GITS Making of Game Video and LD was in fact released last year (1998), so its not even news! ^_^ Thanks to Retep for the correction!

2nd April 1999

Just a short update on the Shirow 'arcade prize' posters. In Gamest issue 256 (April 15th 99) it was advertised again- this time termed as 'Shirow Masamune Artistic Poster Genealogy'. The re-worked Griffon Birthday piece looks interesting! And there is something about a limited 100 pieces of posters- autographed by Shirow perhaps? Will confirm this soon.

Gamest Magazine Ad.

18th April 1999: Yup! Its confirmed. In Seishinsha's latest update (1st April) Shirow mentioned he 'made a mark with the marker' on 100 pieces of the arcade prize posters. Guess that counts as an autograph!

13th March 1999

In Gamest Magazine (a Japanese Arcade Gaming mag) issue No.255 (March 30 99) is an advertisement for Shirow 'arcade prize' posters, available from March 99. For those who are unfamiliar, arcade prizes are merchandise (can be dolls, keychains, cards etc.) that you get when you 'win' on the prize machine.
There are 10 different posters, according to the ad, including one 'special' poster. Since these posters can only be obtained by winning at arcades (they are not consumer products, rather sold in bulk to arcade operators) can anybody help me get any/all of them??? *Especially the 'Special' one! I'll do ANYTHING in return for any help! ^_^

Gamest Magazine Ad.

5th March 1999
GITS Final Edition DVD

This might not even be news to most of you as Manga Entertainment is involved. Again, sorry for the late report and lack of detail!

Production I.G./ Kodansha/ Manga Entertainment are releasing four acclaimed anime DVDs, among them is Ghost In The Shell- Final Edition. Running time 123 minutes, Cost 9800Yen. I don't know if there will be anything different in this DVD edition, because I got this source from a Japanese magazine (Newtype). Sorry about the image also. Its just a small thumbnail, but it looks good!

1st March 1999
Sorry for the late report!

October 98 Comickers

Comickers October 98- Contains a postcard set by Shirow. Features Shirow in the Gallery section, with some pages explaining and promoting Intron Depot Blades. Mainly discusses the use of CG in Blades and production of variant pictures.

Gundress premiers in Japan this month (March 99). Reviews for this anime has not been good, considering its the same production studio that released Landlock previously.

Hopes are high that 1999 will see the release of the much awaited Ghost In The Shell Manmachine Interface manga. However, no dates were mentioned (I have a very uncomfortable feeling about this...).

Date: 20th August 1998

  • Talk about hot... RPG game based on Orion is due out Fall 98' by a game company called 'GN Japan'. Its a computer network game.
  • Official: Intron Depot 2- Blades Due out in October 1998 (Japan) and 25th November 1998 (Dark Horse).
  • Official: Masamune Shirow's 1999 Calendar 'Rebirth'- due out in October 1998 (Japan).
  • New anime involving Masamune Shirow -'Gundress' premiers in Japan 1999. Set in the future, main cast- five girls in armored battle suits (Hmmmm....)

Date: 8th August 1998

  • Its confirmed!! Seishinsha announced that Intron Depot 2 is currently in the finishing process!
  • Masamune Shirow's 1999 Calendar will be released soon (My guess is around October 98)... So watch out for that!

Date: 1st August 1998

  • Shirow delayed the two last episodes of GITS2 to work on a series published in Kodansha's Young Magazine called 'E-Oppers'.
  • Shirow did some covers and illustrations for Seishinsha's Japanese Novels; Jashin Hunter (1st issue published in April 98).
  • Official: Intron Depot 2 sheduled to be released in 1998.
  • Masamune Shirow's 1998 Gemcat Calendar was published by Seishinsha. At the moment is reportedly sold out.

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