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Last Updated - 1st Mar. 2001

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Who Should / Could Get Listed?

This Directory is open for everyone- be it a beginner or a long-time Shirow fan. As long as you are interested in getting in touch with other Shirow fans. Don't worry, you don't have to own a Shirow lunch-box to be considered a fan! ^_^

Getting Listed In The Directory

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I'm using a Bravenet guestbook service for signing up purposes as its the most convenient method for the time being. Not exactly ideal as the service can be erratic and well... not exactly what I had in mind. But we'll use this for the moment until I find a better way to do this.


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Deunan Fan Art
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The Purpose / Objective & The Shirow Fandom

Here is a sample of a fan directory at work, the UK Anime Fans Directory, part of the Britanime website maintained by Duncan Law-Green. This gives an idea of how a good directory can be a valuable resource for fan-groups.

The manga and anime fandom have been growing at a phenomenal rate these past few years. While in general the average fan can practically find a group of like-minded people that fits their interests perfectly, the Shirow fan is having a particularly hard time. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that people (even within the manga fan community itself) like and dislike Shirow's work for a variety of reasons. Especially in the US and Europe (Japan also, of course), if you are a manga fan you probably have heard about Sensei Shirow somehow. And almost always the first impression is that Shirow's works are terribly elusive, complicated, horribly late, hard to get, expensive and sometimes even mythical (e.g. Hide Hard, Gundancing... where on earth do you find them?!?). But then again, some will find them to be the most beautiful and perfect things ever to exist, hopelessly attracted and yearning for more.

Getting In Touch

These first impressions matter a lot on whether one would eventually be a Shirow fan or just flipping over his books because there's nothing else better to do. On a personal level, I'm taken with Shirow's work at first sight (Orion) and I have known others who are deep into manga, anime and games but yet passes Shirow over. My hope is to compile a list of contacts for people seeking to understand and to provide the correct impression of what Shirow's works are all about. This helps beginners, keeps the Shirow fan busy, and expands Shirow Sensei's fan-base (hopefully increasing sales of Shirow's works- keeping the Sensei inspired and motivated to do more!). Its a win - win - win situation.

The Shirow Fans

Now the Shirow fan base. Over the years, I have been in contact with a lot of you. Most of the time I find that Shirow fans are generally great people. Friendly, helpful, mature, knowledgeable, cool, talented and diverse. There are fans for almost every aspect of Shirow's work possible. For example, fans such as:

  • Franco, webmaster of Puto's whom I know personally, a good friend and an all-rounder Shirow-expert in every way
  • Retep - probably Europe's (definitely Germany's) No.1 Shirow fan ^_^, ever resourceful and a great guy (There! Hope you're flattered!! ^_^)
  • Kusanagi2K (Burn Cycle webmaster)- works in a comics shop, so trust he knows about all them Shirow merchandises and what's happening to all those orders from the 'International' section of the Previews
  • Chris (Puma Shrine)- the guy to talk to if you're into Shirow kits and models, and I don't think he minds if you bring up the subject of Annapuma either!
  • Darkmartin - Extremely talented Italian fan artist and a big Shirow fan, combining that you get some really impressive top-class fanarts.
  • Capricorn - another Italian fan who writes Dominion fanfics (in English)
......etc. So you can see, these are just a few of the many fans that I encountered online and each have their own unique experiences as a Shirow fan. In many ways they have kept my enthusiasm up and made life as a Shirow fan much more interesting and meaningful. (P/S: All you guys that were mentioned~~ Please get yourselves listed ne??? ^_^)

Another issue I'd like to address deals with the fact that almost all Shirow fans (that I know of) are guys. While to a certain extent this is probably understandable (you know- all those skimpy outfits, machines, lack of blonde long-haired sensitive guys etc.) my personal opinion is that Shirow Sensei's works has universal appeal. I really don't know much about what girls find unappealing or attractive about Shirow Sensei's works specifically, but I really think someone should do something about this. If you're a female Shirow fan reading this, rest-assured. You're not the only one. So please, do sign up on this directory and if you are serious about doing something about the current situation, e.g. starting a girls-only club etc. I strongly suggest that you contact Zeb (or Asrafrate), whom I think knows her Shirows very well. She can be found through her homepage masamune shirow (assuming it hasn't moved or something). So get in touch with her ne? I'm sure she'll be more than happy to arrange something.

Geographical distribution: I have found that fans visiting the MSHP comes from all around the world. A lot of you are from the US and Europe (France, Italy, Spain, UK, Germany mainly), and also some from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia etc. I know for a fact that the influnce, and the general Shirow experience differs significantly in different parts of the world. Its always interesting to know what is going on in other countries related to Shirow Sensei's works and how is the local Shirow scene like. That's the beauty of the 'Net- it breaks down borders and lets everyone around the world to share their experiences and opinions with each other.

There are many aspects of Shirow's works that attracts fans. Here's my opinion on categorising the Shirow fandom:

  • The all-rounder: Likes all aspects of Shirow's works, be it the story, artistic sense, cyberpunk culture, mechas, politics, Shinto myths, computer graphics, posters, statues, cards, lunch-boxes, Annapuma tattoos, Fuchikoma stickers, multi-colored Motoko toys- Anything goes.
  • The graphics admirer: Attracted purely because of Shirow's artistic talents. Collects Shirow merchandise mainly for the graphical appeal and Shirow's fine eye for detail and beauty.
  • The story-expert: Impressed by Shirow's ideas more than anything else. Usually well-versed in Science Fiction and the cyberpunk scene. Or likes the military and tactics aspects- anti-terrorism, politics, police operations etc. Or just generally love a complicated, well-researched, detailed plot.
  • The artist: Fans who are talented artists (part/full time) themselves, and really understands and respects how deep and talented Shirow Sensei is. I really think that if one has some experience and knowledge in the comics / design field, they would have a better appreciation of Shirow Sensei's works.
  • The mecha-freak: Oh look at those Landmates move! Appreciates Shirow's sense of design and logic in constructing a believable piece of machinery or vehicle.
  • The academic: Reads Shirow's books in lectures or at work, fumes over the lack of materials and advanced technology in the lab that prevents the re-creation of the Cyborgization process according to Shirow. Has copies of Shirow's footnotes and essays all over the place for reference and knows all the details (and more) by heart.
  • The 'fanboy': Sexy girls in provoking outfits. The more revealing the better! ^_^ Its not a bad thing at all. The erotic element of Shirow's work is obvious, and the Sensei himself knows this. Its one of Shirow Sensei's trademarks- sexy girls and girl-machine interfaces but in an artistic sense rather than perverse way. If you're inclined towards the latter aspect, then I'm sorry that you like Shirow's works for the wrong (and worst) reasons.
  • The Ghost-fan: They sleep GITS, eat GITS, breathe GITS, buy GITS. Undoubtedly Shirow's most overwhelmingly popular work worldwide.

I really think there's enough of us Shirow fans, and more than enough diversity to keep things interesting. Obviously just being a 'closet-fan' is less fun than being able to get into contact with other fans. So I'm hoping to set up some sort of network and listing for all you Shirow fans to make friends and share information with each other. Ultimately I hope this will lead to something even bigger in future- a Shirowfan newsgroup perhaps. There are certainly many many interesting discussions and updates on Sensei Shirow, and the myth that there's nothing happening with Shirow is untrue. Shirow Sensei is always involved in some kind of work, perhaps even working twice as hard than other pro-artists because he works alone.

And Lastly...

I have really learned alot, and made many good friends online who share a common passion for Shirow. And hopefully with this directory we can set up some kinda online-pal thing, to promote friendship and share the joys of being a Shirow fan. I can only do so much, and the rest is up to you- Shirow fans new and old alike who visit here to make this a success. I welcome any constructive feedbacks or comments.

~ Lucas. 20th Oct. 2000

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