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This section contains links to sites related to relevant publishers, Sensei Shirow, Shirow-related works, and online stores / shopping that I recommend.

Added: 30th June 2002
Shirow Masamune Official @ Seishinsha's - Sensei Shirow Masamune's Official Webpage! Hot news of Shirow's Works, Goods, Events and More... Hosted and maintained on one of Shirow's main and preferred Publishers. Access it from Seishinsha's main page. Japanese text, with partial English version.

Added: 30th June 2002
Koukaku Kidoutai (Ghost In The Shell) - H.Yamaguchi's Ghost In The Shell (Japanese) page is one of the best around! Updates, infos on books and goods, BBS, chat, vote- this site has everything a fan needs. Those who can read Japanese would not want to pass up on this one. What every Shirow fan page should aspire to be. Take a visit~ Highly recommended. Japanese Viewer / Browser required.

Added: 30th June 2002
Puto's Homepage - About Masamune Shirow - Franco's Masamune Shirow homepage. He's from Italy and this is one of the best English Shirow fan pages around. A Shirow fan and you haven't visited this one before? I don't believe you! ^_^ Due to personal circumstances, Franco is no longer updating but its still magic after all these years.

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