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Shirow BBS

Posting on the BBS for the first time? Read on. Below are descriptions of various sections of the board as well as some guides on posting and using the BBS, including features such as message deletion, icon selections etc. To re-access the Main Page from the BBS, please use the main menu as pressing the link on the BBS page might trap the page in this frame.

0. General Posting Rules

  • Messages doesn't necessarily be 100% just about Shirow, I pretty much encourage anything interesting which might be useful to visitors and of some entertainment value (i.e. funny stuff). But then again, this is a Shirow page and Shirow BBS, so I suppose we won't stray too far... ^_^
  • Respect other posters at all times, do not offend and watch the language. Just have common sense and be considerate.
  • Trading / advertising your Shirow items for sale here is allowed, but be reasonable and absolutely no pirated / illegal merchandise.
  • Always note copyrights, and if quoting or posting pictures always remember to mention the source as appropriate e.g. which website, author, which publication. And if explicitly restricted by the publishers or relevant parties (i.e. the no-translating MMI ban), please respect and do not get me / the BBS in trouble.
  • Please make your image size as small as possible to be considerate to those with slower loading times, and keep it within 500 pixels width if possible.
  • If you get some errors in weird symbols- apologies- that's my fault. I converted the ybbs.cgi script from a Japanese source and I might have missed a few things. Errors are mostly because you missed a required field or posted too soon after a previous post (if I'm not mistaken there's a 30-second cap after each post). In that case, hit 'back' on your browser or re-access from the page menu to start again.
  • I have the right to delete any messages which I find inappropriate without notice.
  • You can leave messages specifically for me (Lucas) here at the BBS. Generally I make it a point to check every time I'm online, and I usually respond faster than e-mail. But keep it short ok?
  • The BBS is kindly hosted by VirtualAvenue so please respect their right to advertise. I can't do anything about the banners and pop-ups, but for the CGI support and reliability, I think it is justified.

1. BBS Top Section

screenshot #1

The relevant sections labelled on the screenshot above are explained as below:

A: Links section - Back to the MSHP, "How To" (This page), Search (currently disabled) and Admin (my section to manage the BBS).
B: Message Body - Fill in your name, e-mail (optional), subject, message, and URL (optional). Clicking 'submit' next to the subject field will post the message, and 'reset' clears all fields. You might want to check out the icons, delete key and text colours before submitting.
C: Icon Field - Choose an Icon to accompany your post from the list. Clicking on the "View Icons" link will open and display a separate window with all the currently available icons (see section 2. below).
D: The Delete Key (Optional) - The function of the delete key is to allow user-deletion of messages. Input an alpha-numeric (letters / numbers or either one is allowed) code of less than 8 characters in the field. To use this, you will need to note your message number as well as the key. Further explanation on how to use this is in the 4. BBS Bottom Section later.
E: Text Colour - Purely cosmetics. Allows you to define the colour of the text in your posts.
F: Refreshing Page - It is very important you click this link first before refreshing the BBS page on your browser. Refreshing right after posting will result in a double-post. So please take note.

2. View Icons Window

screenshot #2

This window displays when you click "View Icons" next to the icon field. Just a preview of the icons available to accompany your post, and the name underneath each picture corresponds with the list.

So, choose one you like and post as usual. Clicking 'Close' literally closes the window.

I might add new icons from time to time, depending on how 'free' I get ^_^.

3. BBS Message Body

screenshot #3

This is how a typical message will show on the BBS. The header consists of Subject of message in bold, followed by name (e-mail will just highlight the name), Date-Day_time of post, Message Number (Note: Important for use with the delete key!), and Reply button.
Following is the message itself, accompanied by whichever icon chosen. When composing message, HTML attributes and tags such as bold, italic underline, tables, img src whatever works. It will automatically be converted to display. Another feature is linking. Simply typing something beginning with http:// and the script automatically generates a link to the URL.
Hitting reply will call up the reply screen, and is exactly as the BBS Top Section detailed in 1. Delete key works for replies as well, and the most recently replied message thread will be brought to the top of the BBS. That's about all really.

4. BBS Bottom Section

screenshot #4

Right down at the bottom of the page you will find something like the screenshot shown. Aside from buttons to view next / previous messages, the Message Deletion Section is the one to take note. This works if and only if you have entered a delete key (See Section 1.) in your message post. To delete message, enter the message number (see Section 3. e.g. in example above message number is 279) followed by the code for your delete key. Hit delete, and that's it. This will only delete the specified message, and only with the right code. So it will not end up taking off other messages.

OK, that's all you need to know. Head on to the BBS now. ^_^