APPLESEED for Nintendo's Super Famicom

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Box Cover, SNES' Appleseed
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Appleseed - Nintendo's Super Famicom

Gameplay: Side-scrolling Platform Shoot-em up. Players: 1. Reference no.: SHVC-7X, barcode serial T4939915000019. Rc price: N/A. Release: 1994.

The Appleseed game for Nintendo's Super Famicom is based on the Gaia incident running from volumes 1 to 2 of the manga series. The setting is the futuristic city of Olympus, a man-made island emerging after a devastating nuclear third world war. Striving for a Utopian community, the governing body decided that it is essential to set up a strong and efficient E-SWAT team to combat terrorism threats to the city. Among the recruits were 2 wartime survivors from the Badlands- Deunan Knute and Briareos Hecatonchires. The ambitious Gaia Project has gone horribly wrong. The Spider-mecha programmed to preserve peace and order has set its priority to eliminate the bioroid population, seen as threats to humanity. Its up to the E-SWAT team to contain the problem amidst the chaos. Follow and complete Deunan and Bri's missions. [ More background at the Appleseed Section ]

Control: The SNES Gamepad consists of directional and 6 buttons:

  • 'Cross'- Up: High jump. Left: Move Left. Right: Move Right. Down: Crouch.
  • A button: Select Weapon
  • B button: Player Jump
  • X button: Weapon Open Fire.
  • Y button: Throw Grenade.
  • L & R buttons: Diagonal Firing (Up and Down)

Game Options: After the opening and title screen there are several options to choose before starting the game. Option 1- Choose player (Briareos or Deunan). Option 2- Choose weapon and sub-weapon. Option 3- BGM On or Off.

Gameplay: This is a side-scrolling shoot-em up platform game (loosely defined, because side-scrolling is more appropriate for aeroplane shooting games). As Deunan or Briareos, the player have to make their way through a stage by eliminating enemies (mecha and human terrorists) along the way. Its a very basic and simple gameplay, and the difficulty lies in positioning at a place where the enemy's fire will not hit you and you can hit them (Obviously! - Lucas). There are a total of 5 stages, and increases in difficulty as stage progresses. The last boss is the Gaia Spider Mecha. And I have no idea how to beat the thing...! ^_^

Title and Intro
Screenshot Selecton (Left - Right) : 1) Title Screen. 2) The Gaia Spider. 3) The Nasty Bug Schematics. 4) Deunan and Bri Gets Ready for Action.

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